TopicSome Unique Holiday Packages to India

  • Mon 23rd Nov 2020 - 3:19pm

    Best Holiday Packages in India are often designed by tour operators keeping in mind the economies of scale. They turn to heavily frequented places to receive large numbers of visitors at one time. But why does this need to happen? Why is your travel experience always guided by the majority's preference? In a country like India, it is not difficult to scout places that go beyond the popular and offer new sensibilities and learning. In the following paragraphs, we try to list some of India's unique holiday tour packages that are worthy of your attention.


    Zero: Arunachal Pradesh: Zero is steadily gaining popularity among music enthusiasts for the much-acclaimed festival of independent music. But apart from that niche music-enthusiastic audience, very few mainstream travelers have made frequent visits to this beautiful valley in the north-eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Surrounded by mountains of mist and inhabited by the population of the Apa Tani tribe, Ziro is an excellent place for India to begin its trail of offbeat holiday vacation packages.


    Patan: Gujarat- Whenever UNESCO declares any tourist site to be a World Heritage Site, the frequency of travelers visiting that place shoots up - as has happened with places like Hampi in Karnataka. But with Patan, Gujarat, the scene is still different. Very few people know about the outstanding medieval royal architecture. Don't you seriously share this rare experience with others before it becomes seriously commercialized?


    Malana: Himachal Pradesh- To say the least, the hills of Himachal Pradesh have a small paradise of 400–500 people. The place, often depicted as parochial, filled the charas (malaria cream) with beautiful exile. The spirit of Repos adds to the lost world charm of the place as well. Malana is often advertised as Greece in India.


    Devikulam: Kerala-  Kerala is one of the states where tourism is one of the most flourishing industries. Kerala's grand popularity as its abode to God has unfortunately resulted in the overcrowding of its famous tourist spots. On the other hand, what has happened is to have travel-entrepreneurs constantly explore new places to offer unique value to their guests. Devikulan is a result of that discovery. An excellent hill station in Idukki district derives its name from Devikulan Lake. As the mythological anecdote goes, this lake is where the goddess Sita took her bath. The lake water reportedly contains minerals that have potencies.


    Bhedaghat: Madhya Pradesh- Marble rocks stand on the banks of the Narmada River up to 30 mt for offering to tourists in Bhedaghat of Madhya Pradesh. These rocky towers glowing in the moonlight almost become an experience of each other to taste.


    The list never ends and can run somewhat like this: Pangong Lake in Ladakh, Butterfly Beach in Goa, Halebidu in Karnataka, or Mavasinram in Meghalaya. The only thing you need to do is make a wise decision and stop.

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