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  • Sun 15th Nov 2020 - 9:56am

    Depending on how much time you have between the engagement and the date you want to get married, this scheduling guide may need to be adapted to fit your timetable. Some things need to be done as soon as you are engaged or at least 6 months before your wedding. The more time you have to plan, the more likely you are to find your venue and vendors.


    Six months to a year before the wedding: Place the engagement announcements in the paper in each of your hometowns and the local paper where you live. Inform family and friends in person by phone, letter, or email. Decide on a budget and who will pay what. Travel with a pastor or officer who will perform the ceremony, book a church, or another venue.


    Book the Garden Tent for the reception. Next determine the date, time, and place of all wedding events. Decide on Made of Honor, Best Man, and other hostesses and find and book a caterer, choose a color scheme and start the search for the perfect wedding and bridesmaid dress. Get quotes from photographers, musicians, florists, and limousine services. Do not forget to help your mother and her outfits.


    Flowers, invitations, thank you cards, and any other stationery between 3 and 6 months before the wedding order. Book limousine, musician, and photographer. Order the cake.

    Make a reservation for honeymoon trips; get passports, shots, and clearance. See your doctors and dentists.


    Between 2 and 3 months, choose to get away from outfits, and choose clothes that you will bring on a honeymoon, do not forget toiletries and feminine products, and are based on over the counter medicine such as aspirin and sinus medicine. Take a hair and makeup appointment. Register in a pair of gift registries. Mail the invitations, choose a menu, and give the caterer a temporary headcount. Buy wedding insurance


    From 1 and a special month to 2 months, music and father decide on special songs like daughter's dance and readings for the first dance song and ceremony.


    4-5 weeks- Confirm fitting and musicians, photographers, flowers, and limos for brides and attendants. Prepare a seating chart. Give the caterers a dated count, and if needed arrange flatware, dishes, cup napkins, etc. and confirm makeup and hairdresser appointments.

    2-3 weeks- Don't forget the marriage license; list everyone's schedule and duties there.


    Confirm numbers with the caterer in 1 day - 1 week, have rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Pick-up events for the ceremony, finishing packing for the honeymoon, giving gifts to the hostesses, finalizing the time to pick up the bride for the limousine. At the rehearsal dinner, the best men give envelopes of all charges due to the wedding.


    This is not a definitive checklist; it is just to get you started. You can hire a wedding consultant to assist you.

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