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Sun 10th Jul 2016 - 6:35am : General


 We will be looking for positions in the following:

-Social media managers

-Graphics designers

-Content creators (Twitch, youtube)

-Website managers

-Teamspeak developers


If you take interest in any of the following roles please take note of their requirements below.


Social Media Managers

The roles of a social media manager will be to update our Facebook page by adding content and posting regularly, replying to comments


-Good grammar and sentence structure

-Advanced and extended vocabulary

-Able to update on a daily basis

-Good at online interactions when replying to people


Graphics Designer

The role of a graphics designer is to make banners, avatars, and all types of advertisement of the clan that we need.


-Advanced Photoshop experience

-Active and can produce graphics work regularly

-Previous work to show


Content creators

The role of a content creator is to record and edit youtube videos, and stream for Apathy on its official twitch and youtube channels.


-Able to Record/Stream in HD

-If choosing yotube must be able to edit their videos and add the Apathy intro. (Will be given once role is given)

-Must be entertaining


Website Managers

The role of the website managers is to constantly update the official Apathy website with news and updates.



-Knowledge of Esportsify

-Basic HTML knowledge

-Proper grammar

-Advanced vocabulary


Teamspeak Developers

The role of a teamspeak developer is to create and edit teamspeak group permissions to adapt to the changing clan roles.


-Advanced teamspeak role knowledge



The role of the recruiter is to spend their time finding new members who meet the requirements of the clan found here:


-Must be social


-Know clan requirements


You can apply for one of these roles in the forums in the Apply section. The application layout will provided there, once passing the stage of applying you will be asked to join our Teamspeak for an interview. The basic requirements for Apathy include:


Must Have Teamspeak

Must Be 15+ Years Of Age

Must Speak English

Must Have A Mic

Gamer Specific

Must Be Active. Inactivity Of 14+ Days Without Notifying An Officer+ Will Result In A Kick

No Hacking Of Any Level Is Allowed. (Definition Of Hacking: "Hacking" is altering an existing system to behave in a different way)

We Will Not Accept Players If They Have A VAC Ban Of Less Than 365 Days Ago And A Game Ban Of Less Than 150 Days Ago As Of Application Time. Leniancies Can Be Made But Must Be Brought To Leader To Make The Decision. 

-Apathy Fity



Adam Thornley

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